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What could be worse?

Oliver was asking the questions now Team Skeet – TLBC – Hot. ”

Jerry thought,

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Jennifer by a miracle had made it home without loosing control of her bladder,
Just before he could get to the door however, Jennifer had twisted and popped the lock, swinging the door open….

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Leaning forward just slightly was all it took, and Barbara slowly opened up and took the thick member gingerly into her warm mouth! “My god,”she thought, “what am I doing, I could go to jail for this!!!” Wanting desperately to pull away, Barbara still couldn't help herself and sucked Deke's pecker even harder, trying to induce the young man to blow his load quickly into her mouth! As mouthy and self assured as he was, Barbara was still sure that he had little or no ability? to control his ejaculation, and right on cue he emptied his balls into her mouth with torrents of hot cum which she greedily swallowed down in two gulps! All her adult life Barbara had been a true cocksucker, always swallowing the cum from the hard pricks of the men in her life, and Deke was no exception, he was just another large cock to be sucked off!!! Sheepishly Barbara got to her feet and was about to put an end to all this nonsense when Deke pinned her up against the wall and stuck his hand up under her dress and began fondling her vagina through her cotton panties! “Please no,” she said weakly, but spread her legs even further apart so the young stud had a better angle at attacking her pussy! She knew that it was inevitable now, she was going to get fucked!!!

“Wow, bitch,” he marveled, “this is the hairiest cunt I've ever seen, I'm gonna really enjoy plowin' this field!!!” “You have a filthy mouth, young man,” Barbara managed to stammer, but her actions spoke much more loudly than her words, and she reached out and guided the thick piece of cock flesh to the opening of her twat, Click here.

After getting the fucking of her life, Barbara tried to regain a little bit of self esteem by chiding Deke to please get to class on time! He looked over at her and replied, “Oh, no, you gonna keep me after school again, well maybe I'll just be late again tomorrow, I need to be punished, I'm such a bad boy!!!”


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