Pacopacomama – 借金苦!出産費用のため中出しに耐える妊婦 1 (12 min) 720p HD

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Pacopacomama - 借金苦!出産費用のため中出しに耐える妊婦 1 (12 min) 1

Hunk Pacopacomama – 借金苦!出産費用のため中出しに耐える妊婦 1 (12 min)

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Pacopacomama - 借金苦!出産費用のため中出しに耐える妊婦 1 (12 min) 2

Lover Pacopacomama – 借金苦!出産費用のため中出しに耐える妊婦 1 (12 min) Deep Throat

Her mind was now spinning out of control, and the order that her master had given her was now coming into focus! On wobbly legs, Hanna got to her feet, walked around the large desk, and stopped right next to Laura Thomas' chair! Unsure of what was happening, Laura had a look of concern on her face, but certainly not one of fear, but before the seated woman could speak, and much to her total amazement, the thirty five year old sales woman, calmly lifted the hem of her skirt, and exposed her bare vagina, only a foot or so away from her face! “What's going on here,” Laura stammered, have you lost your mind?!?” In a voice that was so soft it was barely audible, Hanna whispered, “P-p- please, I need it so badly, please take care of me with your mouth!”

Laura sat in her chair with her mouth agape, still in shock from the lewd and lascivious behavior of the young woman, but as every second passed, she could feel the incredible sexual energy pouring out of Hanna Cord's vagina! Having been married for twenty years, the forty year old executive had never experienced sex with anyone other than her husband, let alone another female, but the magnetic attraction of this shaved plump pussy was overwhelming!!! Hanna could sense right away that it was only a matter of time, so she took her free hand and gently pulled the stunned woman's mouth to her ope?n pussy! On the initial contact, all of Hanna's pent up energy exploded in a cunt wrenching orgasm!!! Laura, on the other hand, for the first time in her life was tasting the sex of a female, and her own vagina was drenching itself with love juice as a result of the experience! Laura now leaned hard into the crotch of the young sales woman, savoring the taste and texture of a sexually excited pussy, while Hanna rolled her head from side to side, as the virgin cunt lapper went to work on her very erect clit!!! The combination of vibrator and tongue sent Hanna racing down the slope to still another climax, this time, however, her groaning was so loud that Laura's secretary came in to see what the trouble was! To her utter shock and dismay, what she saw was a long legged woman with her skirt up around her waist, getting her pussy eaten by her boss!!! Both Laura and Hanna were so far gone, that neither one cared a whit whether they were discovered or not!!!

After her second hard cum, Hanna dropped to her knees and pushed Laura's legs apart, and then proceeded to return the oral ministrations to her new found suck partner! To Laura's complete surprise, never in her whole life had she experienced such a wonderful tonguing!!! As Hanna bored in on her open cunt, Laura could feel the muscles in her groin begin to contract, the initial indicator that an orgasm was building steam in her boiler!!! A few seconds later, it came hurtling down upon her, a freight train of sexual energy pounding through her cunt, leaving her totally spent and disheveled wreck in her chair!!!

Both woman panted like thirsty dogs, while their pussies throbbed in a post coital glow!!! All of a sudden the phone rang and Laura lifted it to her ear with an unsure hand, Click here. After about a ten minute wait, there was a buzz on the secretary's desk, and she motioned Hanna to go on in to Laura's private office

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