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Her figure was beautiful, with clothes or without . ”

Matt helped her into the front passenger seat, where she continued to sit, drained of energy
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“Can't I even have some privacy?”

“You know perfectly well I was knocking a moment ago, You're not going to develop normally
if you spend all your time rubbing your cock and making it come .

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She did so without question, cautiously at first, then realising she had no choice, and that I obviously was demanding she made an exhibition of herself, she relaxed into the role of my personal porn-star, and half-crouched on the back lip of the bath, pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, she inserted first one, then two soapy fingers deep inside herself, alternately pulling the dark-skinned lips of her pussy apart allowing me a free and unobstructed view of the pinkness within, Click here.

There followed a few seconds of confusion and incoherent speech, as we both recovered from our surprise; followed by, as she got to her feet, my realisation that there stood before me a COMPLETELY drenched, but remarkably attractive, Indian girl of about eighteen, who was evidently quite upset and had been crying, although it was hard to tell from her soaked condition!

She was dressed in a Black silk blouse and satin knee-length skirt, neither of which (I thought erroneously) would probably ever be the same again after their soaking

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