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It seemed so much more free; there were no constraints on my dick (like any pressure at all), but I felt as if my sperm was being milked by this gentle velvety softness that gently milked at every inch of me . My sensitive prick was twitching feverishly as she gently sucked on my cock like a lollipop: she would suck hard, with a lot of me in her mouth, and then she would draw her mouth up to the head of my cock, and let it go with a little ‘pop’
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Leah sobbed, it stung, badly, this isn’t what making love was supposed to be about, Was she in hospital, had she been in an accident, was she in a coma, was she dead, is this heaven?

The door opened and in came the doctor in his white cloak and latex gloves .

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, tubeporn2.life. I had her dressed in a long white chiffon blazer w/o buttons which exposed her small breasts , navel, down to her legs, had her wear a tight g-string bikini, and heals, over that I had her wear a larger jacket which covered her whole body what a SIGHT!!!
We made contact, decided to meet at a nice hotel, went down to the lobby, I had her wait in a secluded area of the lobby, I went to the entrance of the lobby and observed, noticed a guy head over to where Kui was waiting, just the thought of this scenario is breathtaking for me, he instantly noticed her and we made our introductions, We proceed to the elevator and to our room, she seemed a bit shy, but I could tell she was very excited but what I also noticed in a very submissive way, as we exited the elevator, chatting I had her hold his hand, again she seemed nervous, since this was going to be her 2nd lover-fuck, I tried to undo her outer jacket, at the door I succeeded, WOW!!!! an Asian MILF in heals, a longwhite jacket w/o buttons exposing her small cleavage, panties and legs WHAT A SIGHT!!!!
He went to the bathroom, undressed,came back just in a tight black speedo, the sight of her!!!!shy,excited a bit of petrafied look

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