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” “Mike drained his scotch and water and nervously moved directly in front of the still seated woman, who with slightly shaking hands reached out to undo his pants!!!

While she was undoing his trousers, Mike couldn't help but notice that she seemed as nervous as he was, so in a soft voice he asked, “Here, let me help you with that, this top catch is a little bit tricky,” as he gently pushed her hands away and undid his trousers for her!!! “Thank you, Mike,” she whispered hoarsely, while the still nervous young man extracted his big pecker from inside his shorts, “m-my gosh, you have a beautiful penis, I just know I'm gonna love sucking on this!!!” With his eyes widening in wonder, Mike threw back his head as Ellie Parkman nearly swallowed his eight inch pecker whole, and while her lips and tongue caressed his organ, he stammered, “y-you're incredible, oh, oh, I'm gonna cum, I can't believe I'm cumming already, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, t-there it cums!!!”

“Good grief,” he panted, “where did you learn how to do that, that is without a doubt the best blow job I've ever had in my life!!!” “Did you really like it,” she asked hopefully!?! “Are you kidding,” he asked wide eyed, “my legs almost gave out on me!!!” “Good,” she replied while kissing him on the end of his semi hard cock, “from now on this is all mine!!!” “Are you as good at receiving as you are at giving,” he asked mischieviously!?! “And just what did you have in mind,” she asked softly!?! “Just this,” Mike replied while dropping to his knees in front of her and opeing up the front of her silk dressing gown, opening her legs, and burying his face into her smoothly shaved pussy!!! “Ohhhhhh, Mikey,” she sighed as his tongue slithered in and out of her bulging vaginal lips, “you have a very talented tongue, oh yesssssss, right there, do my clit for me, ohhhhhhhhh yes!!!” He looked up into her eyes with his shiny juice covered face, and in a soft voice ordered, “Suck your nipple for me, do it!!!” “I-I've never done that, before,” she gasped, “I don't think that I can!!!” “I won't suck your pussy until you do,” he replied sternly, “now be a good girl and suck your tit!!!” Almost gingerly she took one of her big boobs into her hands and with hardly any effort at all, sucked her rigid nipple into her hot wet mouth!!! “See how easy that was,” he said hoarsely, “now nip your nipple, bite it, harder!!!” Deep moans erupted form her throat as she devoured her hot nipple, but finally she reached out with her free hand and drew his mouth back to her pussy, and with and urgency brought on by her imminent orgasm, she thrust her crotch against his mouth as her entire body shook as a crushing climax engulfed her whole being!!!

“So how was that,” he asked lightly while kissing the inside of her thighs, “wanna do it again sometime!?!” “With a little line of drool running out of the corner of her mouth, she barely nodded as the pounding in her vagina slowly ebbed away, leaving her a shell shocked mess!!! After both of them had recuperated from their cums, Mike jumped to his feet, and while pulling Ellie with him, asked excitedly, “I've go and idea, where's the bathroom, let's take a shower together!!!”

“Mmmmmm, this feels good,” she said as the stinging hot water wafted over their satisfied bodies, “here, let me wash that, after all, it's mine!!!” Mike threw his head back and laughed, but soon the small soapy hands had done their magic, and again, his penis was standing at full attention and in dire need of another ejaculation!!! “You're all bad, did you know that,” he said while pulling her to him and kissing her full on the lips, “just look at what you've done!?!” “I'm sorry,” she said sweetly, “I guess I forgot to tell you that I love big hard cocks!!!” “So what are we gonna do about it,” he asked while cupping her full ripe chest!?! “”Well,” she replied softly, “I could give you another blow job, that's always nice!!!” “No,” he said after thinking it over for a minute, “I think that I'd rather do this,” as he grabbed her under her arms and easily hefted her into the air and lowered her gaping vagina onto his thick cudgel of a dick!!! “Oh, fuck,” she moaned as he entered her to the hilt, “t-that's fucking incredible, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, you're filling me to overflowing!!! “Hold on, Ellie,” he whispered into her ear, “you're about to get fucked, big time!!!” She wrapped her legs around his back and locked them into place, but it was useless trying to prevent the onslaught that was just starting as he started bouncing her up and down on his pecker until she was screaming in ecstasy as orgasm after orgasm rocketed though her pussy leaving her hanging limp like a flag on a windless day from his awesome erection!!!

Ten minutes later she tried to getting to her feet, but that to was hopeless, and in a weak voice offered, “You're gonna be very good for me, Mr . Dancer,” Joanne quickly replied, “but you left out one important detail!!!” “And what's that,” Mike asked!?! “The fact that she's single and never been married,” Joanne “Ford replied, “that is the missing detail!!!” “Okay,” Mike replied, “I'll bite, why is it so important that she's never been married!?!” “Because of her heavy work load,” Joanne explained, “Mz
Face Fuck Tour - Teen with Braces Gets Her Throat Fucked and Makeup Smeared (7 min) 1

No Condom Face Fuck Tour – Teen with Braces Gets Her Throat Fucked and Makeup Smeared (7 min)

As I hobbled down the hall on my sweet husband's arm, the evening replayed itself in my mind, .

Face Fuck Tour - Teen with Braces Gets Her Throat Fucked and Makeup Smeared (7 min) 2

Cumload Face Fuck Tour – Teen with Braces Gets Her Throat Fucked and Makeup Smeared (7 min) Gay Hairy

It's like water, tubeporn2.life. Uhm, do you ever get, like, a tingle? You know, down there?”

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